I am older than most of you

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I Am Older Than
Most of You:

Delights and Doubts of

A Nonagenarian


Poems by Ruth P. Arent

Illustrated by Sally Arent McCain



Poems are a treat for all ages.
Let my poetry offer you a pathway between the part of you which chatters and that which is listening, gifting you with a connection to yourself and to others.


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Reader Comments:

Dear Ruth, "I certainly was refreshed and with chuckles when I read I Am Older Than Most of You. It is hard to decide my favorite, but I am picking between 'Apologies' and 'My Private Mission'. The latter describes you so very well". --Elizabeth

"We all loved the poetry and the powerful messages contained. Great way to transmit some of you love and knowledge to kin and friends." --Robert

"A written "thank you" for your second book of poems. I've just reread 'Hog Island'. What delightful memories I have of our time spent with you on Hog Island. Your talent with writing wonderful poems never ceases to amaze me." --Del

"... And, remember! I want at least three more (I'm thinking six would be much better) to give to various friends." --Connie

"Thanks so much for your book of poems. It is a treasure! I still have more to read because I am enjoying them a little each day." --Donna

"Thank you so much for your booklet of poetry. The poems are truly charming, and you very cleverly wind your readers around the subjects. Your take on the world is wonderful. When I received the book yesterday, I was in the middle of doing taxes, so I just allowed myself to read the first poem, 'Bugs'. Last night a friend whith whom we were dining was complaining about exactly the subject of that poem... so much to do that she gets terribly "bugged". So I came home and immediately copied your poem and emailed it to her. --Mary

"Ruth's poem is hilarious and poignant au meme temps [translation: at the same time]. She's abosolutely right-on about 'Bugs', and ties together nicely the past and present. What a wonderful project for her to undertake. Here's a high-5 to her from me." --A friend of Mary.

"I am so very impressed that you not only continue to write, but you still write imaginatively and usually with humor, and in the end your readers find you have nailed the subject! Now THAT"S talent." --Mary

"My multi-talented friend, Now you have created a book of poems written for us oldies. How amazing! How wonderful! I found delight and inspiration in each and every one -- especially 'Two Umbrellas', 'A Quiz', 'Good Morning Memory' and 'The Old Boat'. Thanks, thanks for speaking to us and for us in such a delightful way." --Marge

"I have so enjoyed reading your lovely poems of happiness and wisdom. You are one very special lady!" --Linda

"What fun Ruth's book is! Thank you for sharing it with me. The poems are so true and so remind me of my life. I especially liked 'Gee Whiz' and 'Lucky Me'." --Kim

"So many thanks for your very uplifting collection of poems! I loved them all! So wise, humorous and true to life! Sally's illustrations were so well done and beautiful! My favorite are 'Welcome Each Day', 'Thank You..Where Have You Gone?', 'My Home In Maine', 'We All Do It', and 'Birthday Greeting 2012'. Such great humor and words of wisdom!You have brightened my days forever. I would love to place an order for gifts." --Susie

"I love your book! You and Sally have done a really fine job with this. There is so very much wisdom in here. Thank you. I'll treasure this book always. It is inspiring." --Connie

"I enjoyed reading it and will read it again and again. The sketches by your daughter fit in perfectly." --LaRea

"I loved the poetry. My favorite section section, if I can say are 'Repositioning' and 'Hog Island', where you discuss your life's work and change, then describe Hog Island, such a beautiful, peaceful place. I really enjoyed getting that glimpse into what other people think and feel." --Annie

"Thank you so much for the nonagenarian poetry. Many of them remind me of all the adjustments that are made by both parents and children as a parent ages." --Erica


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